1-Day Tour in Bali, Things To See in Bali

After a few blissfully relaxing days at the best private villa, we’ve ever seen we decided it was the right moment to dedicate some time into discovering the cultural aspects of Bali.

We thought it was best to book a full 1-day tour with a private driver in order to see as many places as possible and at the same time have the freedom to be flexible (especially helpful with rapidly changing weather conditions in Bali).

After a short online research we found a wonderful driver named Putu and before we knew it he was punctually waiting for us at our resort on the set date.

As soon as we were in the car, our driver gave us a long list of places available for visiting during the tour and we opted for six spots we were interested in the most.

Things To See in Bali


The first part of our tour around Bali was experiencing the traditional dance of balinese people – The Barong & Kris Dance.

1 day tour bali

We really enjoyed this part of the tour and found the actors and the music absolutely fantastic.

The play represents an eternal fight between a mythological animal Barong who is a good spirit and a mythological monster Rangda who is a devil.

The play starts with three masked dancers who represent men making palm wine in the forest and later a child of one of them gets killed by a tiger.

What follows is a fight between the men and and a tiger which gets helped by a monkey.

The First Act was probably my favorite part of the play with two beautiful and talented dancers performing. I also loved their gorgeous costumes.

The most interesting part of the Second Act for me was when one of the servants of the Rangda changes into a witch and enters both servants of Dewi Kunti to make them angry.

The Fourth Act is very emotional since the Rangda appears and is ready to kill Sadewa but in the end surrenders, gets killed and goes into Heaven.

We really enjoyed The Barong and Kris Dance and it was an amazing experience to have the opportunity to witness the most famous Balinese dance myself.

barong and kris dance

balinese dance


Right after the Barong and Kris Dance we were on our way to another super exciting destination – the Pura Desa Puseh with the famous Batuan Temple.

When you arrive, before going inside you will be asked to wear a traditional sarong and you will need to give a small donation to support the maintenance of the temples.

Despite it was crowded with many tourists, the place still felt very calm and peaceful.

Honestly, there is no better location in my opinion for admiring the authentic Balinese culture and architecture.

The Batuan Temple which is one of the oldest temples in Bali will take your breath away and I could have spent an entire day looking at all the incredible details and colors and listening to the interesting stories related to it.

batuan temple

Pura Desa Puseh Bali


When we were planning our 1 day trip around Bali I knew from the beginning Dewa Putu Toris Gallery was one of the places I absolutely didn’t want to miss.

I am an art lover and I always like to bring a painting home from a talented artist I find around the world.

Dewa Putu Toris Gallery is a unique place with beautiful pieces of art and the paintings by the famous artist come with an authenticity certificate.

I really liked the fact that there was a person showing us around and explaining everything but would never be too pushy trying to sell something at all costs.

When you decide to buy a painting they will carefully roll it up for you so that you can fit it in your suitcase for a flight back home.

If I am ever back in Bali I will certainly go back to this gallery!

Dewa Putu Toris Gallery


After the Dewa Putu Toris Gallery it was time to go and see the famous Mount Batur – an active volcano which would probably be the highlight of the trip if it wasn’t for the grey skies and a thick fog present that afternoon.

We also had a buffet lunch in a conveniently located restaurant – Grand Puncak Sari – if you manage to get there before the clouds roll in it makes an ideal place for taking photos of Mount Batur.

mount batur bali

bali tour


We took all the picture we wanted of Mount Batur and went to discover another part of the Island – Bali Pulina Agro Tourism.

This is an incredibly interesting place ideal for coffee lovers but not only – in fact they also plant chocolate, tea and other herbs.

I loved discovering this place and learning the process of making the best coffees in the world.

We were introduced to the idea of Kopi Luwak, known as civet coffee as well which is one of the most expensive coffee types in the world.

By the end of the tour, we were able to taste different locally grown coffees for free which were amazing.

I hardly ever drink coffee so for the first time in my life I tried Pure Bali Coffee, Vanilla, Pure Cocoa, Chocolate Coffee (my fave), Ginseng Coffee, Ginger Coffee and also some delicious Ginger and Lemon Tea, all of which accompanied by some biscuits and salty snacks.

Every person working there was incredibly kind and welcoming and willing to answer all the questions.

By the end of our stay at the Bali Pulina Agro Tourism, we bought some tea and coffee to take back home as little gifts for our family and friends.

coffee plantation

Bali Pulina Agro Tourism

things to see in bali

kopi luwak

bali pulina



The last part of our 1-day tour around Bali was seeing Tegalalang Rice Terraces.

This is a very picturesque place and I recommend visiting it if you have a chance.

I loved how incredibly green this place was and the photos I’ve taken don’t even do it justice.

The best part was walking along the rice terraces and having the opportunity to see the local people working there, just make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

If I have a chance to come to Bali again I would like to visit this place again early in the morning and enjoy a sunrise from there, I imagine it would an unforgettable experience.

rice terraces

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