10 Best Beaches in India

If you are planning your next vacation and looking for a dreamy tropical destination than India might be a perfect place to look at.

The numerous beaches & seaside locations with its natural scenery provide tranquility and an ideal location for various leisure activities such as running, surfing, fishing, partying, etc.

India is surrounded by the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, all of which providing coastal areas with their amazing beaches.

I listed the best among them subsequent paragraphs.

Best Beaches in India

Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is located in the southern part of Goa and it’s famous for its beautiful natural scenery.

The beach which is crescent-like in shape is stretched over a kilometer long and is surrounded by coconut trees.

If you’re in Goa looking for a destination to relax, have a fun time with the family or enjoy local seafood delicacies then Palolem beach is the right location.

A popular attraction here is the monkey island where wild monkeys live in their natural habitat.

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Varkala Beach

This breathtaking stretch of sands bordering the Arabian Sea is located just outside of Kerala.

It’s a popular destination for tourists seeking adventures. The beach is known for leisure activities such as horse-riding, boat riding, and parasailing.

However, renowned religious temples here such as Janardhana Swami Temple, Sree Saraswati Devi Temple, Shivagiri Mutt, Kaduvayyil Juma Masjid, etc. provide core attractions for tourists and locals during their celebrations.

Puri Beach

Puri Beach which is also known as the Golden beach is located in the city of Puri in Odisha State.

It gets its name from its golden sand and it is a quiet place perfect for meditation and long strolls.

This beach located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal is a good location for sunbathing, swimming and relaxation.

Visitors can relax in the evenings watching as ocean waves crash against the shores, creating a perfect symphony that soothes the brain. However, the sunrise is as strikingly beautiful as the sunset.

Elephant Beach

The Elephant Beach is famous for its beautiful corals, exotic marine life, snorkeling trips and other leisure activities.
It is situated in Havelock Island of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Its peaceful environment and clear waters make it a popular destination for hundreds of tourists who enjoy relaxing on its white sands. The Jungle-like experience visitors get when they visit is when they trek the trails or see the very large elephant.

The Jungle-like experience visitors get when they visit is when they trek the trails or come across a large elephant.

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Kovalam Beaches

Kovalam Beaches are located in Kerela State. They are the Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach and Samudra Beach.

Of the three beaches, the Lighthouse beach is most frequented by tourist followed by Hawah Beach then Samudra Beach.

Ita swaying coconut trees, splashing waves, and blue shallow waters provide a perfect resort for family picnics, sunbathing, swimming, etc.

The core attraction of these beaches is the Vizhinjam Lighthouse standing tall at 35 meters. Stores can be found along the beaches where tasty sea food is sold.

New Digha Beach

The most popular sea resort in the West Bengal, India, just at the end of the Bay of Bengal is the new Digha Beach.

This man-made attraction is preferred by tourists as it is bigger, less rowdy and better managed than the old Deega Beach which is just 2 kilometers away.

The soft shallow sands of this beach make it a perfect vacation spot for weekend getaways, picnics, and strolls. Its beautiful sunrise and sunset create an amazing picturesque that is long-lasting in one’s memories.

Baga Beach

This awesome beach is famous for its commercial as well as its leisure activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, banana rides and dolphin cruises.

It is named after the Baga Creek which empties into the Arabian Sea.

Baga Beach which is located in the Northern Goa is frequented by thousands of tourists annually.

Popular attractions here include Café Mambos and Club Titos (which are nightclubs), ABS Yoga Retreat Centre, Amusement parks for all ages, Restaurants, etc.

The amazing sights, facilities, and activities put Baga Beach among the best beaches and sea side attraction in India. Due to the increasing influx of tourists yearly, a new car park was built having the capacity to occupy up to 800 cars at once.

Tarkarli Beach

The beach located in Southern Maharashtra is best known for its water-skiing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. This beach is at the confluence of the Arabian Sea and the Kali River after which it was named.

Tharkarli Beach is the most amazing sea side attraction in Maharashtra and the country in general and it has become a destination hot spot for tourists or visitors and with immense love for nature.

The picturesque beach, beautiful, smooth sands, palms and marine-blue waters attract thousands of visitors yearly.

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Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach is located in the Northern Goa district.

Compared to some other popular beaches like Baga, Palolem, etc. the beach is less commercialized.
The beach is nice, clean and has several small tea shops and restaurants providing decent food.

Other amazing beaches and seaside locations in India which are definitely worth checking out are Agonda Beach, Radhanagar Beach, Mandrem Beach, Varca Beach, Cavelossim Beach Utorda Beach, Muzhappilangad Beach, etc. The list of amazing beaches in India is endless and it’s just a question of selecting the one that suits you best.

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