7 Tips On How To Stay Fit While Traveling

I love traveling, over the years it’s become an integral part of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sure, traveling means leaving your home and your “normal” life in pursuit of education, business, vacation, tourism, and adventure.

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Travelling could last for a few days to several months or even years.

It could be a permanent migration to another entirely new part of the world, especially for those seeking greener pastures or have jobs that require changing their locations often.

No matter how long you will be traveling or by what means you are traveling, there is no doubt that your normal daily routine will be affected, especially in the beginning.

You suddenly realize there is no gym facility around your new location; you have to settle for junk foods rather than home-made meals; you can hardly walk half a kilometer on foot and even your sleep pattern undergoes a drastic change.

All these can definitely have a negative impact on your fitness and it’s just a question of time when your body will start to respond badly.

So what can you do to keep in shape, stay as fit as possible and feel great even while traveling and being out of your comfort zone?

If you want to feel fantastic on your return home you simply need to design a workable action plan before you set out on your journey.

Check out those few tips I prepared that will help you achieve this goal.

How to Stay Fit While Traveling

Maintain a balanced diet

No doubt, this requires a great deal of self-discipline and will.

There is every chance you will be tempted to copy the eating habits of the people in your new location. However, you should understand the need to apply the principle of moderation.

Our bodies are not some kind of computer system, where you just input several unrelated software and programs into it.
You need to stick to a diet that completely suits your body system, especially for breakfast.
It has been argued that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The easy way you can make this plan work is to find out in advance the kind of menu that is available in your new location and how to get them.

staying fit while traveling

But don’t go crazy and still have fun…

You know I love discovering new flavors and cuisines so I completely understand that one of the main attractions of visiting any new place is to try out their local menu.

As mentioned above some of these meals may not have ingredients that are suitable for your system and might contain plenty of salt, sugar, and fats.

What I normally do when I travel is I try to stay as healthy as possible for breakfast and lunch and then enjoy my dinner without restrictions.

Or if you’re let’s in Italy and had the delicious pasta or pizza both for lunch and dinner you might want to consider skipping the dessert for example.
Or skip the cheese on your spaghetti and opt for a vegan pizza from time to time.

Remember the keyword here is – moderation!

You are also allowed to politely ask about the content of what you have been served, there is certainly no crime in this.
In most restaurants, they won’t mind skipping salt or oil in your dishes if you ask them in advance.

Go for a run once in a while

This point applies mostly to those who are on a business trip.

Sitting for many hours in a conference room is definitely not good for your body and mind which need movement, fresh air and a lot of sun to function properly.

Since you won’t definitely be working the entire time, you could get up early, before dawn, and go jogging for a few minutes.
Your body will definitely be grateful for this and it will be easier for you to deal with a day ahead.

However, it is very important you find out if the neighborhood is safe enough for this kind of activity.

Travel with you fitness kits.

Bringing your own fitness kit will come in handy in a situation where fitness facility is out of your reach.

I’m definitely not talking about your bicycle and all the other big stuff, but your training gear and other little ones that can fit into a bag.

If you’re going in your car though, the bicycle can come along too, why not?

Also if you use a fit bit at home make sure to bring it with you, it will work as a friendly reminder to always keep your fitness level high.

Replace taxi rides with walking

Of course, I understand that feeling of anxiety when you find yourself in a completely new environment.

You’re not sure if it is safe to walk around the neighborhood plus the fear or getting lost in town.

However, this should not push you to only use taxis and give up on walking.

A little background research before your trip can keep you informed about the routes within the city, how accessible and safe they are on foot.

Also, if you have friends in your new environment ask them to be your guide around town.

Use your Hotel/lodge gym facility

These days most hotels and resorts offer well- equipped gym facilities.

Find out beforehand which hotels have a gym or a swimming pool so that you can choose the right place to lodge at and still stay fit.

Sometimes, when the gym isn’t available you can even do some bodyweight exercises in the privacy of your hotel room.

staying in shape while traveling

Water and more water

The importance of water to our body system cannot be over-emphasized, especially when it has to do with metabolism.

Particularly if you’re traveling to hot places with high temperature it’s even more important to keep your fluids level high.

Make sure to avoid soft drinks, caffeine, and alcohol as much as possible as well since they’re full of empty calories and have no positive impact on our bodies.

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