How to Survive a Long Haul Flight

If you’re about to embark on a long haul flight, it is good to prepare beforehand.

You may be hoping for a wonderful destination but how prepared you are for the long flight will influence your experience a great deal.

How to Survive Long Haul Flight

There are certain things one can do, to ensure you feel much better after and during your long journey.

Here are 10 tips from flight attendants, nutritionist, and doctors to beauty experts among others who share long flight survival hacks.

Long haul flight outfit

What you wear during a long flight can determine whether you will be comfortable or not.

There are certain outfits that are not ideal for long flights and I would definitely avoid high-heels or tight clothes in general.
If you want to make your flight as pleasant as possible you should opt for soft and comfy clothes that don’t irritate your skin and make you feel cozy and warm.

I think it’s also a good idea to just change shortly after the take-off and wear sweatpants but even a pair of your favorite jeans or pants will do a great job.

Also, remember to bring a long-sleeved jacket/sweater as it can get quite chilly both on the airplane and at the airport due to the air-conditioning.

Long haul flight essentials

If you are about to make your first long haul flight, there are things you cannot afford to leave behind. There are a must have items, for instance, books, music, Kindle, and snacks.

a) Books: Books will keep you busy during the flight. Make sure the book you pick is interesting and engaging. A boring book is the last thing you need in a long journey.
I normally bring my Kindle along for any trip with me, it saves me a lot of space and weight in my hand luggage and gives me a vast choice of books.
Ensure you also have a notebook and a pen just in case you want to note anything down.

b) Music: We all know the healing power of music, that’s something you cannot miss during that long journey. You will need the soothing and the feel good hormones generated by music.

c) Snacks: You cannot have any fun on an empty stomach or a full tummy. Eating heavy food before traveling may cause stomach discomforts and this will make your journey terrible. However, snacks are a great option when it comes to long flights.
Long flights offer one or two meals though that might not be adequate to keep you going for the whole trip.
Carry healthy snacks rich in protein & something to drink as well. Sugary drinks and snacks should be avoided as they are dehydrating.

Drinking water

Staying hydrated in during a flight will be of great value to your body.

Alcohol should not be an option during long flights and stuff like caffeine should be avoided at least four to five hours prior to bedtime.

Ensure that you purchase a bottle of water (after security) and when it’s empty, fill your water bottle in every opportunity you get as that will keep you going and healthy.

Since cabin air is dehydrating, have as much water as possible to stay refreshed.

Sleeping to avoid jet lag

Long journeys are known to cause jet lag, this phenomenon has a great effect on an individual’s alertness. It is also said to be a sleep disorder.

In the past years, jet lag was thought to be a state of the mind, however, reliable sources today point out that it’s enhanced by an imbalance in your ordinary “biological clock” of the body due to visiting places with a different time zone.

An individual’s circadian rhythm tends to be slow to adapt when one is traveling to different time zone. This may make you feel sleepy in the middle of the day and stay awake late in the night.

You can avoid jet lag by anticipating the change of time for your trip through rising up & retiring to bed earlier than usual before starting a trip eastwards and do the opposite for a westward voyage.
Changing your watch to the ultimate destination time zone once you board a plane will help you feel better at your arrival.

Moving around and walking

Don’t just stay in your seat for all those hours; this might make your body numb.

The doctors, advice that moving around & walking will relax your muscles enhancing a good flow of blood.

This will make you feel much better and relaxed. Moving around has a magical effect that you cannot afford to miss.

Moisturizers, hand creams, and face masks

If looking like a wrinkled plum is the last thing you want after your long flight, ensure you carry moisturizers, face masks, and hand creams.

The beauty experts have made it clear that with few dollars & little effort, you can alight at your destination looking more like yourself.

Don’t pack fragile facial oil bottles & costly facial masks and everything.
All you need is an affordable and great moisturizer for your skin; protect light, a hydrating and non-greasy face masks and a nourishing hand cream.

There are lots of great products available and you must choose them depending on your skin.

Have fun on a long flight

It is advisable that you devise ways of having fun during a long flight.

To make sure that you have the best trip engage in such things as watching a movie or your favorite program, listen to the music you like, play video games or use the onboard computer.

You will be greatly pleased and the journey won’t appear that long.

Do some extra work

You might have taken leave but still, want to monitor the progress of your work or catch up on some projects.
Right from the plane, you can connect with your work free from distractions, check if everything is working out as expected and this will give you a peace of mind.

Eat a balanced diet before boarding the flight

The nutritionist advises that you charge your body appropriately through taking a balanced diet before starting the journey. Your meal should be highly packed with vitamins.

Take food that has low-sodium since excess salt enhances “jet bloat” fresh fruits plus vegetables that are non-cruciferous are a good alternative.

Oranges will provide you with vitamin C and are good for preventing dehydration. Take herbal teas as they are decaffeinated naturally keeping you hydrated.

Other great options are yogurts that have natural probiotics to regulate your digestive system, water with some lemon juice to prevent sore throats, lean protein to provide energy and smoothies to keep you hydrated.

long haul flights

Noise Blocking Headphones

A flight can be quite enjoyable, especially if you brought noise-canceling headphones.

Nothing spoils a flight like the plane noise & the noise of the people around you.

Fortunately, you can make sure that doesn’t happen by bringing headphones that will block all the noise. Such headphones are designed in such a way that it is all about you & your music. There a number of them in the market and probably the most famous ones are the Bose QuietComfort which have an active noise-canceling system.

Enjoy your flight! 🙂

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