Things To Do In Coorg

Coorg, located in south India is a beautiful place with many fun and interesting things to do.

Read this post to discover all the amazing attractions in Coorg.

Things To Do In Coorg


Honnamana Kere Lake is one of the most famous touristic places in Coorg.

It is surrounded by beautiful mountains, cliffs, and coffee plantation.

The history of Honnamana Kere dates back to several centuries.

It is a sacred place located around Daddamalthe, very close to Sulimalthe village and 6 km away from Somwarpet town.

The coffee plantation, cliffs, and landscapes which surround the Honnamana Kere Lake make it a wonderful location for visiting.

Honnamana Kere Lake was named after the goddess who gave her life for the good of others.

Honnamana Kere in Coorg has a very moderate climate making it a perfect place to visit any time of the year.

It is also very good place for fishing and boating.


The river rafting is another adventurous experience you can enjoy while you’re in Coorg.

White-water rafting is often organized at the upper Barapole area known as the Kithukakkatu River before it enters the Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary in the Western Ghats.

Barapole River flows through Coorg and provides great fun for adventure-seeking visitors.
If you want to spice up your vacation, try the Barapole river rafting and make your vacation memorable one. 


A vacation in Coorg gives the opportunity to enjoy an exciting and fun sport – microlight flying.

From the highland of Chelavara, one can enjoy a unique way of exploring the city of Coorg with the microlight flight.

The microlight flight gives you the opportunity of flying at a height of 5000 feet where you can enjoy a bird view of the beautiful Coorg. 


Coorg is a perfect destination for all the fishing enthusiasts.

The magnificent river Cauvery (Kaveri) originates from the Brahmagiri Hill in the Western Ghats in Coorg district.

It’s a perfect spot for angling and often visited by anglers from all over the world. The Cauvery River

However, you keep in mind that you can’t take any fish home with you.

According to the rules, all fish caught must be released into the water.

Also, the anglers are restricted to a limited number of fishes daily. And, if you want to go fishing here, you require a fishing license as well.


Nagarhole National Park also known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park is one of the most important Parks in India.

Nagarhole Sanctuary which means snake stream in Kannada is derived from a serpentine river that flows through the park.

Different animals such as elephant, deer, tiger, panther, wild dogs, bison, barking deer, leopard, sloth bear, wild boar, slender Loris, striped hyena, four horned antelope and Malabar squirrel can be found in the park.

The park also houses birds such as herons, falcons, egrets, storks, ducks, sunbirds, kites, lapwings, woodpeckers, sandpipers, peafowl, warblers, babblers, owls, etc.

The reptiles in the park are March crocodile, star tortoise, rat snake, Russell’s viper and Indian python.


Trekking is another relaxing thing to do in Coorg. Coorg has a scenic landscape dotted with a lush forest of teak, sandalwood, and mahogany which makes is it one of a must visit places in Karnataka.

Trekking in Coorg is interesting as the region offers amazing sights and its rugged terrain makes trekking here pleasurable.

Coorg is a place for tourist exploration and a dream place for adventure lovers.

The city of Coorg also consists of numerous protected areas bringing a horde of wildlife enthusiast from different corners of the world.

Trekking can be a  very interesting because you get the opportunity to witness amazing biodiversity. You also get to visit different places on feet and learn new things about all the amazing nature around you.

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