Why Visit French Riviera? 6 Reasons To Visit French Riviera

If you are planning a holiday in Europe you should definitely consider including Cote d’Azur in your travel itinerary.

And if you are still not 100% sure about it here are 6 reasons that will certainly convince you and make you book a vacation in French Riviera right away.

6 Reasons to Visit French Riviera

Scenic Beaches

You are going to find some of the most amazing European beaches in the South of France so there will be no shortage of long and relaxing days under the warm sun.

reasons to visit french riviera

There are quiet and secluded little bays perfect for hiding away from the entire world available as well as long and busy beaches with bars and music ideal for socializing.

If you are on a budget there are many idyllic places with free access available where the only thing you will have to pay for will probably be the parking lot (and sometimes not even this).

On the other hand, if you love luxury options there are plenty high-end resorts with exclusive beach clubs in Cote d’Azur as well.

I wrote a separate blog post about the best beaches in French Riviera so check it out if you want to discover my favorite spots.

Delicious Food

If you read my blog long enough you might have noticed the main reason for which I travel is to try all the delicious food in different countries (and I’m only half joking here).

In fact, I’m always looking for new recipes that I can later recreate at home (with a mild success) and recall all the amazing moments from a given place.

There are many gastronomical options in Cote d’Azur and you can’t leave this region without trying at least the 5 dishes I listed below.

Top 5 Dishes in French Riviera

  • Ratatouille – this is basically a delicious mix of healthy veggies ideal also for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Crepe – anyone with a sweet tooth will certainly love this French specialty. You can have it with Nutella, fruit jams, whipped cream or any kind of sweet sauce you wish. It makes a perfect afternoon snack or a dessert.
  • Onion Soup – one of the yummiest soups in the world. I find it hard to make a good version of this soup at home so whenever I’m in France I take advantage and order it as often as possible.
  • Moules – you will find these in most of the restaurants in French Riviera and they come in a variety of recipes. My favorite ones were the moules-frites (mussels with french fries) and moules marinieres.
  • French Cheese – French cheese is well-known around the world so you definitely have to try it when visiting the country

Art Cities

French Riviera has a lot to offer to all of you who are passionate about art and history with lots of impressive cities located nearby.

In fact, many beautiful towns in Cote d’Azur were a huge inspiration to some of the most important artists in the world.

why visit french riviera

The Dutch post-impressionist painter Van Gogh has created a good deal of his masterpieces in Arles in South of France.

Aix-en-Provence was home to artists such as Paul Cezanne and Emile Zola and Pablo Picasso lived in that area as well.
All in all, there is no shortage of museums and art galleries in French Riviera with a wide selection of places in Saint Tropez, Cannes or Nice.

Nice Weather

If you long for sunny days and soaking a much needed Vitamin D French Riviera is a perfect place to visit.
Its Mediterranean climate guarantees lovely warm and long summers and mild winters that don’t feel like winters at all.

In fact, I find visiting Cote d’Azur in low season a fantastic idea, the temperatures are lower than in the summer months of course but still much higher compared to other regions in Europe.

cote d azur why visit

Friendly People

Another important reason for which you should visit French Riviera is the friendly and welcoming people.

No matter if we went to a restaurant, a museum or a supermarket we were always greeted with a smile and treated nicely.

People were generally very open and willing to speak English or doing their best to understand my not so good levels of French.

Also, one of the things I’ve noticed and appreciated a lot was the driving manners in French Riviera. The drivers there were really polite and patient even amid a huge traffic and with lots of tourists not knowing which way to go.

Their positive and kind attitude sure made the entire stay in Cote d’Azur even more pleasant and relaxing.

Beautiful Nature and Flowers

In French Riviera, you are surrounded by beautiful nature and amazing flowers in all imaginable colors.

The gardens which are elegantly designed are just amazing and you will be able to admire some of the most incredible plant species there.

Almost every private villa seemed to have an exotic garden attached and it was adding so much charm and beauty to the surroundings.

The landscapes around the towns were very photogenic and almost resembled the north-African sceneries.
Of course, one of the most characteristic plants of the French Riviera, the lavender, is a must-see for any traveler – especially if visiting during the blooming season which goes approximately from May to August.

french riviera nature

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