Why visit Malaysia? 6 Reasons to go to Malaysia

Dreaming of another adventure somewhere far and exotic where everything from food and language to people and places is incredibly culturally stimulating?

Longing for a combination of modern cities and breathtaking nature and sandy beaches?

If the answer to these questions is yes then I encourage you to book a ticket right now and fly to Malaysia – one of the most beautiful countries in the world located in Southeast Asia, as soon as you can.

Each time I travel to Malaysia I always find something new and fascinating about it so if you are still looking for an excuse to go there here are my six reasons why you should visit Malaysia.

Why go to Malaysia? Reasons to visit Malaysia


When you travel to Malaysia you simply can’t miss its vibrant capital city: Kuala Lumpur.

Known as Asia’s green capital it is famous for its beautiful and vast parks, iconic Petronas Towers and amazing landmarks (check out my blog post about top 5 places to see in KL – narrowing down to only a few wasn’t easy but is especially helpful for those of you who only have a small amount of time).

It is also a melting pot of different cultures and religions and that’s probably why I always felt very comfortable and almost at home there.

Apart from that, KL just like any other big and busy city is a perfect location for shopping, partying and dining out while leaving a lot of space for art, culture, and history at the same time.

reasons to visit malaysia
Kuala Lumpur – A great reason to visit Malaysia


The question why visit Malaysia is immediately answered when talking about the islands.

Malaysia is a country of beautiful, brochure-like islands perfect for an idyllic and exotic getaway.

Here are some of my personal favorite Malay Islands

  • Redang Island (or Pulau Redang) is located off the east coast and is a real heaven on earth. I spent over a week there and to this day it remains one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in the world.It is a peaceful and romantic Island, perfect for a relaxing holiday or a dreamy honeymoon.
  • Perhentian Islands – located not too far from Pulau Redang these Islands are characterized by sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. It is also a perfect place for those of you who love scuba diving, snorkeling and kayaking.
  • Langkawi – is one of the most visited and popular Islands in Malaysia, it is famous for its wonderful beaches, amazing nature and delicious food.
  • Rawa Island – is a tiny and very fascinating Island where you can really relax and take a break from everyday stresses. The beach and water-related activities are the main attractions and you will feel super rested and happy after a few days there.
islands in malaysia
Redang Island – Why visit Malaysia


Another good reason to visit Malaysia is definitely the food.

The richness of Malaysian cuisine is incredible since it is influenced by Chinese, Japanese and Indian culture as well and I loved trying all their delicious dishes.

Rice is, of course, a very important part of most meals, followed by noodles, meat and vegetables.

The fans of spicy food will be pleased to know that chili peppers are a must in most Malay dishes.

Some of my favorite options while in Malaysia included

  • Nasi Dagang
  • Nasi Lemak
  • Batu Maung Satay
  • Curry Mee
why visit malaysia
Delicious Malaysian Food – Another fantastic reason to visit Malaysia
food in malaysia
Food in Malaysia is incredible – One of the top reasons to visit this country


Malaysia has many wonderful places where you can reconnect with nature and admire the beauty and power of Mother Earth.

If you are starting your trip in Kuala Lumpur then you can go to

  • Kuala Lumpur Orchid Park – with hundreds of species of orchids it is a great location to escape from a hectic schedule and enjoy some nature near to the city
  • Asean Sculpture Garden
  • Kuala Lumpur Bird Park – which houses more than 3000 birds
  • There are also many beautiful parks in KL such as Lembah Kiara Park or Kepong Metropolitan Park

When it comes to the other parts of Malaysia you can’t miss

  • Cameron Highlands – apart from taking your breath away this place is a guarantee of refreshing temperatures, delicious tea, energy-filling trekking and most of all a relaxing and serene atmosphere.
  • Batu Caves is yet another great site you have to see, this limestone hill is an iconic place with very important Hindu temples and lots of cheeky monkeys running around
  • The Jungle – if you want to discover Malaysia’s authentic wildlife then you can organize a trekking tour, check out the Taman Negara National Park, where apart from jungle trekking you can experience many other activities such as fishing, caving, camping and much more.
malaysia nature
Nature in Malaysia is incredible


I love sun and warm weather and could easily adapt to living in the tropics all year round.

In Malaysia, it never gets too cold and you never have to worry about your winter clothes there.

Of course, it’s going to rain during the monsoon season but it is still incredibly warm and I love that.

As long as I have my sunblock and a pair of sunglasses I am ready to soak in all the sun and warmth this beautiful country has to offer.


Before visiting Malaysia I’ve never had a chance to meet anyone from this country so when I arrived in KL it was my first experience with Malaysian people.

As soon as I got out of the airport and took a taxi to my hotel I realized how warm, kind and friendly Malaysians are.

Because of its rich cultural background, Malaysians tend to be very open and welcoming to foreigners and make you feel at home right away.

Another thing I noticed while traveling around the country is that the people were also very honest, professional and hardworking and most helpful even in the touristic locations, they also smile a lot and are just genuinely kind.

Without a doubt, one of the reasons I love Malaysia so much is because of the people I met there and can’t wait to go back to make some more great friends again.

malaysia reasons to go
What a lovely country…pack your bags and visit Malaysia!

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