best travel gear

What is our Travel Gear?

One of the top questions we constantly get asked is exactly that: “What is your travel gear?”.

This is why we’ve created a dedicated section to give you more information on what gear and gadgets we use and typically bring with us during each trip, together with our best travel gear tips.

My Phone for Traveling

I currently use the Huawei Honor 8 as my phone. It has a dual sim and an awesome overall performance, therefore I recommend it as the Best Phone for International Travel.

My Drone

I love photography and a drone gives infinite possibilities to take a great shot from otherwise impossible to reach point of views.

What is my drone? I created a review and guide to the DJI Phantom 3 Standard since that is the quadcopter that I’m using at the moment. A nice gadget to have fun while taking stunning videos and photos!

If you’re interested in traveling with a drone you need to check out my extensive guide with many airline policies regarding drones and lithium-ion batteries. It answers a simple but complicated question: can you bring a drone on a plane? Check it out!