Top 5 Things To See in Prague

Prague is an amazing place and the one I wanted to visit for a very long time.

The capital city of the Czech Republic has become one of the most frequently visited tourist destination in Europe and I can clearly understand why.

There are so many incredible points to admire and you will be able to choose between a wide selection of museums, churches and synagogues, gardens, bridges and much more.

While walking around Prague, the views and the beauty of it were so surreal, it sometimes felt like being in a middle of a fairytale.

If you are staying only for a couple of days below I listed my top 5 things you simply can’t miss while visiting Prague.




Prague astronomical clock located in Old Town Square dates back to 1410 and has many fascinating legends related to it.

Every hour a significant crowd of people gathers around it to admire 12 apostoles passing by the window above the astronomical dial together with other interesting sculptures moving on the sides.

The symbolic sculptures include the Death, the Vanity and the Turkish Man and I was overwhelmed by all the beautiful details and the incredible amount of work that was put into creating this masterpiece.

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Josefov is a former Jewish ghetto of Prague and some of the main points include the Old-New Synagogue, Maisel Synagogue, Pinkas Synagogue, Old Jewish Cemetery, Klausen Synagogue, Ceremonial Hall, Spanish Synagogue and Jewish Town Hall.

  • The Old-New Synagogue is the oldest landmark of the Jewish Town in Prague and one of the oldest surviving synagogues in Europe.
    The synagogue serves for more than 700 years as the main synagogue of the Jewish Community of Prague
    It survived the countless fires, pogroms and persecutions and often served as a shelter to the Jewish Community.
  • The Old Jewish Cemetery – for more than 300 years this was the only place given to Jewish people in Prague to bury their dead loved ones
    It was founded in 1478 and because of the lack of space the graves were eventually superimposed. The last person buried in the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague was Moses Beck in 1787 while renowned people buried there include rabbi Jehuda Liva ben Becalei-Maharal and rabbi David Oppenheim. There are 12.000 tombs in the Cemetery but it is believed there are around 100000 people buried there
  • The Pinkas Synagogue was founded in 1479 by rabbi Pinkas and later expanded by Aaron Meshulam Horowitz in 1533. The Pinkas Synagogue now commemorates Czech Jewish victims of the Shoah – on the walls there are names of 77.297 people who were killed in the concentration camps
  • The Maisel Synagogue was built in the 16th century as a private chapel for the communal leader Mordechai Maisel and for his family.
    It was severely damaged by the fire in 1689 and the new synagogue was built at it place soon after
  • Klausen Synagogue – before the great fire in 1689 the place was full of small schools and Jewish praying houses called Klausen. The Synagogue of a baroque style is now home to ancient Jewish manuscripts and to object related to Jewish life, customs and traditions.

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Charles Bridge is one of the most important and famous monuments of Prague and also one with a very rich history.

It connects The Old Town part of the city with The Lesser Town and is decorated with 30 beautiful statues (now all replaced by replicas).

I found it very helpful to study all the different statues in advance – it made the whole experience much more interesting.

Charles Bridge is a great spot to take some truly amazing pictures of Prague as well and I took a full advantage of it.

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The history of Prague is strictly related to the history of its Castle which was founded in the 9th century by Prince Borivoj.
Since 1918 it is the official residence of the President of The Czech Republic.

Some of the most interesting points of the Prague Castle include

  • Prasna Vez Tower – dates back to 1475 and is one of the most important Gothic monuments in Prague.
    It was once used as a warehouse of gunpowder and today it serves as a museum
  • St.Vitus Cathedral – the most important church in Prague and a great example of Gothic architecture
  • Lobkowicz Palace – built in the 16th century it is now home to the Lobkowicz Collections and Museum, the Lobkowicz Palace Café, Midday Classic Concert and Museum Gift Shop
  • Dalibor Tower
  • St.George’s Convent – founded in 973 by Boleslaw II

prague castle

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The Municipal House is the most important building of the Art Nouveau architecture style in Prague and it was built between 1905 and 1911.

The exterior is embellished with allegorical statues and stucco while the main entrance is adorned by a huge semi-circular mosaic by Karel Spillar.

Inside, under a giant glass dome, there is the largest concert hall in Prague, used sometimes as a ballroom as well.

The interior of The Municipal House is decorated with artworks of the major Czech artists.

There are also many smaller rooms used for conferences or restaurants.

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What are your top 5 things to see in Prague?

So this is my list of the top attractions in Prague! Have I missed anything?

Feel free to share your top 5 things to do in Prague in the comments below.

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